UN Certified Bulk Bags


UN Certification bags are made in accordance with the United Nations Recommendations on the Transportation of Dangerous Materials. Safe for the transportation and storage of Packaging Groups II and III.

To achieve UN Certification, our bulk bags are rigorously tested in various conditions. These include:

- 6:1 safety factor test

- Drop test where the FIBC is drop from a prescribed height

- Topple test where the FIBC is toppled from a prescribed height

- Righting test where a toppled FIBC is lifted up by two corner straps

- Stacking test

We make the heaviest UN certified bag in the industry at load from 2000 lbs up to 5500 lbs.  We use the most reliable test labs in the USA and Canada to conduct our UN certification. Our UN bags are approved by USDOT or Transport Canada. 




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