About Yuan Da

Yuan Da is a premier supplier of Bulk Bags (FIBCs or Super Sacks), Liquid Flexitanks, and PP Woven Bags. With its joint stock companies, it has total annual production of over 45 million pieces. Its products have been used widely in cement, chemical, fertilizer, mining, metal powder, seeds, grain, and many other industries in North America, Europe, and Asia. It has developed many advanced technologies for various industries, has well established HACCP/AIB certified clean room manufacturing, and a vertically integrated sales and support system.

The company has been growing significantly in the last decade. We can supply FIBCs, BBVB, FFS, PP woven BOPP bags with various volume and applications.

Technology and quality control have always been essential at Yuan Da. We have a portfolio of patented products to meet the ever increasing needs of the industry.  We have developed the heaviest UN certified bulk bags in the world. A team of devoted engineers with BS, MS, to Ph.D. degrees always keep our technology at the forefront.

Our dedicated quality control team ensures each step of the process is under stringent control and each piece of the product is thoroughly inspected. This ensures our products to achieve the highest reliability. In fact we have achieved zero breakage in a million FIBCs.


Our Products

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