Type D Bulk Bags

crohmiqType D bags contain conductive fibers which are encased in layers of non-conductive, woven fabric. These fibers dissipate static electricity into the air surrounding the bag. 

We use Crohmiq type of fabric which is a patented, woven polypropylene static protective Type D fabric used in the manufacture of ungrounded bulk bags or FIBC for use in flammable gas, vapor and dust atmospheres. FIBC constructed of Crohmiq fabric provide static protection by dissipating static charge through a corona discharge process, and by limiting the energy of discharges to prevent ignition of any flammable environment.
Crohmiq Static Protective Type D FIBC are used in a wide range of applications where flammable gas or vapor such as ethylene, toluene, methane etc. or flammable dust such as corn starch, pigments, resins, fertilizers etc. are present.


- safely stores flammable and combustible materials

- can be used in environments containing flammable solvents and gases

- safely dissipates static electricity into the air

- no need for grounding

- protects against sparks, brush discharges, and propagating brush discharges


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