Advanced Technology

Yuan Da is at the front of FIBC technologies.  We have developed many advanced FIBCs to meet your special needs. 


1. STABLKleen® Technology: We developed the Patent pending STABLKleen® bulk bag which has the following advantages:

- A enlarged foot print to ensure better stability and stackability

- Naturally formed cone shape after discharging to ensure a clean discharging

- No dead corners on the bag therefore no product hangup in the bag

- A cleaner bag means less waste of your product, less effort in recycle or reuse of the bag which directly helps with your bottomline. 


2. SWUSH® Discharge: We developed a fast and clean discharge design which makes the dischargeing of sticky product a swoosh. As it holds always true, the best solutions are usually the simplest solutions. This design is strong, easy to use and economical.


3. REMOTE RELEASE: For the safety of the operators, we have developed bags that can be released romotely.  No need for reaching underneath the bag to look for the correct cord to pull all can be done away from the bag.


4. UV-TOUGH BAGS: Nowadays virtually all FIBCs are made of polypropylene (PP).  PP as a polumer can degrade very quickly under the UV-A and UV-B rays in the sunlight.  As a standard, UV inhibitor is added to slow down this process to meet the 1200 hrs requirement for normal FIBCs. We have developed a advanced formular that can extend the criteron to up to 1800 hrs or beyond.  This greatly enhance the lifespan of the bags when they are used outdoors and go through multiple runs, and reduces the annual bag cost.   


5. ANTI-DUST FIBCS: If your FIBC is used in a dusty environment, dust can adhere to the outside of the bag which not only mess up the appreance but also can cause contaimintion to the product. We have developed a formular that reduces the static on the bag and therefore reduce the dust collection.  When the product is delivered to the custom the bag will look clean and fresh.   


6. SUPER DUTY UN BAGS: Per United Nations ST/SG/AC.10.1 Rev. 13 (Vol 2) Regulation "Transport of Dangerous Goods", specially design FIBCs have to be used for dangerous or environment harmful substances. These FIBCs have to pass a series of vigorios tests in a certified laboratory and approved by a government entity.  These tests test the FIBCs in various possible situations the FIBCs can go through, and provide extreme challenges expecially for bags with high weight and dense loading, such as metal powders.  We are please to offer UN certified bags from 2000 lbs all the way up to 5500 lbs which is by far the heaviest in the industry. All our tests are done at the best labs in the USA or Canada, and are certified by the USA or Canada transportation authorities.



7. HANDSFREE LOOPS: We have developed Petent pending lift loop/stevedore combinations that is handsfree.  No need for a second worker to put the stevedore on the forklift teeth. The stevedore stands up by itself. One operator is enough to handle the bag without leaving his seat.  It saves time and manpower and minimize and potential injuries.


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