Bulk Bag Manufacturing


The manufacturing of FIBCs involves many steps.  Below is a brief description of our process. 






1. YARN: Polypropylene is melted and extruded as a thin film. The film is then slit into narrow straps that are subsequently extended at high temperature to align the polymer structure and increase the strength.

2. WEAVE: The rolls of PP yarn are placed onto the circular or horizontal high speed weaving machine to wave the fabric.

3. COAT: Fabric is placed on the lamination machine to have the coating applied on it.

4. CUT & MARK: Fabric is cut with heat to form the panels and spouts of the bag.  Marks are placed on the fabric for dimension control during sewing.

5. PRINT: Panels are put into printers to have the printing done.

6. SEW: Operators put the bags together on industrial sewing machines. After finishing the bag, operators need to stamp on the back of the tag.

7. CLEAN: Bags are inflated on large air blower with circulating air. Operators bang and shake the bag to shake off any loose pieces while air is flowing. The inside of the bag is checked visually and any loose pieces are picked up with a sticky

8. INSPECTION:  Inspectors exam the whole bag on sewing, fabric, dimension, label, pouch, tie, etc.  After inspection, inspectors stamp the back of the tag.

9. PACK: Bags are folded as required and press down on the press ten bags at a time until it reaches the required number of bags per pallets.  The bags are bundled together and secured on the pallet. A cover is placed on the pallet with ship marks.

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