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ITEM: YD1003
43x43x63.  Baffled bag. U-Panel
Food grade clean bag
White 6 oz/sq.yd. Coated
Top spout 14x19
Bottom spout 15x19 with star closure
2500 lbs 5:1
15" blue lift straps on four corners
Sift-proof sewing with felt
10x12 document pouch
Print: None
Condition: New

ITEM: YD1005
36x36x38.   U-panel
White 6.5 oz/sq.yd. Un-coated
Top spout 18x22
Bottom spout 20x22 with Bonnect closure, 2 B-locks
3000 lbs 6:1
10" lift straps on four corners
With perimeter band
Print: None
Condition: New